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Presented by soundtraining.net and taught by veteran I.T. trainer, writer, and speaker Don R. Crawley.

Two intensive days of hands-on Cisco training including Cisco router installation, configuration, and troubleshooting using live in-classroom routers. You'll learn how to build a Cisco� router configuration from scratch. You'll learn different ways of monitoring your router, saving and restoring configurations, and how to design and implement access-control lists. You'll even learn how to encrypt your passwords and Cisco router password recovery procedures.

Learning Objectives:
The overall objective of this workshop is to help you become comfortable with viewing, editing, managing, and troubleshooting Cisco router configurations. By the end of this workshop, you will...

-Practice building a router configuration from scratch to full functionality
-Practice three techniques for saving configurations and for re-applying them (Perfect for disaster prevention and recovery)
-Understand how to upgrade your router's Cisco Internetwork Operating System (CIOS)
-Practice using CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) in troubleshooting
-Use the "show cdp neighbor detail" command to get information about remote routers, even when they're on a different subnet
-Practice converting and diagramming IP addresses and subnets, including decimal to binary conversion
-Practice properly designing and configuring IP addressing schemes
-Practice the step-by-step procedures to configure NAT to make your router an Internet firewall
-Practice configuring and deploying DHCP on a Cisco router for automatic IP address assignment
-Practice using local and remote router configuration procedures
-Learn how to configure static routes and practice building routing tables
-Gain hands-on experience in the basics of routing protocols with hands-on exercises in RIP version 1, RIP version 2, and OSPF
-Work as a group to control traffic with standard and extended IP access lists
-Practice recovering passwords (and learn how to protect against unauthorized password recovery!)
-Practice testing procedures using PING, traceroute, and debug

A complete course outline is available at the event homepage.

Pre-registration is required, also at the event homepage.

Official Website: http://www.soundtraining.net/onlinestore/categories/category20.html

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