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Program Curator and TIE Festival Director Christopher May in person.

Conceived in Telluride, CO in 2000, the Denver-based TIE has quickly become an exemplary festival celebrating contemporary and historical avant-garde cinema. Taking as its mission the “preservation of the fundamental qualities of cinema and film exhibition,” the festivals have, to date, screened over 600 films and hosted over 200 artists and renowned for artistic vision and an exaltation of the direct viewing experience of original-format film works. Cinematheque is proud to present a two-program sampler of TIE’s past festivals.

Note: This is a two-part screening series. Individual programs take place on different evenings, at different venues, and are ticketed separately. Excerpts from author Richard Meltzer’s 250 minute 8mm work Bogus Boxing Trash will precede each screening.

TIE, Program Two: While the shorts in Program Two are exclusively 16mm, their aesthetic approaches are as varied as their directors' nationalities. Influential formalist pieces—A. Keewatin Dwedney's 1967 synaesthetic experiment in rapidly inter-cut footage of Warhol superstar Gerald Malanga reading and dancing—abut contemporary films that toy with and trouble figurative cinematic representation, such as Thomas Draschan and Stella Friedrichs' deconstruction of vintage Italian porn loops or Ben Russell's unsettling faux ethnography of masked subjects.

Paul (Eating Raoul) Bartel: Progetti (Plans)
Frank Biesendorfer: No Wonder
Dietmar Brehm: Peng Peng
Eduardo Darino: Meat Packing House
A. Keewatin Dewdney: Malanga
Thomas Draschan and Stella Friedrichs: The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal
Amy Greenfield: Dirt
Vincent Grenier: While Revolved
Standish Lawder: Colorfilm
Tim Leyendekker: Still
James Prange: Clip from Colorado Springs Home of Champions
Michael Robinson: And We All Shine On
Ben Russell: Daume
Albert Sackl: Vom Innen, Von Aussen

For information about both shows: 415-552-1990

Official Website: http://www.sfcinematheque.org

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