637 Lindaro St.
San Rafael, California

This is the sign-up sheet for the S.F. Bay Area Strobist meetup, Jan. 26, in San Rafael.

My cell: 415-816-3030,

Added by oaxoax on December 23, 2007



found you thru the flickr Bay Area Strobist's post about a meet-up. Definitely interested. I've got two SB-800's w/ brellas, two stands (one 13' w/ boom), 42" reflector and 22" reflector I can bring along w/ my other gear. I'll look fwd to this, if you care for any help in organizing... Maybe I can offer to put in a little time?

Thanks Tim for offering to host. Yay! Cheers.

~ david


Is this still on? I'd be potentially interested in attending, as long as you don't mind having a beginner around!


I'm a newbie, looking foward to learning more.


I've been away from Strobist for awhile - just busy. Very happy to see the explosive growth and many thanks to Tim for hosting. I consider myself a newbie with a few flashes :) Will bring what I have!


Hi. I can come! I just added a comment on the Flickr discussions group as well.

Kevin K

Would love to make this Tim but my girlfriend will kill me if I cancel our plans for Saturday (again!). But, I hope you'll do this again soon - I'd love to join you guys!

BTW - I dig the work you have posted on your site!

Flickr: k2times


Tim, I might go skiing this weekend so need to change my reply to maybe. (Actually it is a "probably not")

Hopefully I can come to the next one.



Next time -- I'm in Monterey this weekend


I decided that I am going to make the trek from Sacramento. I will bring all the lighting stuff I have. I have an Alien Bee 800 with large octabox and grid and a vagabond II battery. I have a Canon 580ex, 430ex, some pocketwizards and a variety of umbrellas.


I won't be able to get there so early, but I definitely don't want to miss it!


Count me in.


Tim, I'm still 50/50 on attending. Might still be skiing but might decide to not brave the storms so could then come


I just found this and would love to come if there is still space! I live in San Rafael and it would be great to meet other photographers here.



Sorry, I can't come today. Looks like you will have plenty of folks, though. Have fun!