11650 Iberia Place, #20
San Diego, California 92128

San Diego Lead Generation Workshop
Tuesday November 3, 9AM - 5PM

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics Guaranteed to Generate
You More Qualified Leads Faster, Easier and Cheaper!

Learn how to attract more leads, convert more
prospects, generate more referrals, decrease your marketing costs, spend less and get better results in all your ads.

In This Intensive 1-Day Marketing Workshop David Carleton and Bill McRea Will Show You Exactly How To:
+ How to Build a Strong Marketing Plan
+ Promotional Strategies on Steroids – How to Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Business
+ Killer Advertising Strategies That Get Results!
+ Drive More Traffic, Get More Leads, Generate More Referrals and Increase Sales Using the Awesome Power of Social Media and Video Marketing
+ How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
+ Simple Strategies Designed to Get Your Website Ready to Capture More Leads and Increase Sales
+ How to Generate Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Website

The Workshop will be held at:
San Diego North Chamber of Commerce
11650 Iberia Place #220
San Diego, CA 92128

Stop relying on old strategies to find new customers.
Discover how to drive a ton of leads to your business
using inexpensive and easy to implement guerrilla marketing


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Seating is limited so please register today

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