1138 Coast Blvd
La Jolla, California 92037

Time for the FTLR SoCal contingent to get together and start training! We were hoping to syncronize with San Francisco who is also planning one at 4PM.

As for the Cove - location was selected for it's beauty and it's popularity (hoping we can get random strangers to join us!) - but not for it's parking :D There *is* parking but La Jolla is popular with tourists and locals alike, so parking is at a premium. There are parking garages and such if you're willing to pay - I'll update later with pricing - but there is also a bus line that goes within a block of the park that can be taken as well. We could also arrange to meet somewhere and carpool in - I work in La Jolla and have a perm. parking spot in a garage right by the Cove, so can get a carload there myself.

Official Website: http://www.thelostring.com

Added by celina63 on May 3, 2008



Hi celina,
I randomly chose 3 pm, but I am changing it to 4 pm so we can synchronize with New Zealand. If you can change your time to synchronize with us and NZ for a 3-way, that'd be cool.


4 PM is not only good for a 3 way sync, but it may also be less crowded by then? Maybe?

We'll also need to find a landmark at the location where we can all gather.


4PM would be great! Being a Saturday afternoon/evening, the Cove itself may start to be less crowded, but La Jolla in general will not :) However, we still have several transportation options to get there.

The best area landmark would probably be the restroom building next to the La Jolla Cove Bridge Club building (approx. 1158 Coast Blvd) which is right next to the part of the park we could do the labyrinth in.


Can't do the 17th unfortunately.