111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, California

Added by shadz.rm on August 3, 2008



Don't forget Preview night on Wednesday, July 22.
Four day registration is on sale now.
(Get your hotel reservations as soon as you can!)


We got ours!!!! See you all there!

Al Pavangkanan

4 day passes are sold out!


Anyone know what there showing at preview night?


I'm going and I might dress up!


The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive list for Shocker Toys Booth# 3849

*Dick Tracy B&W Suit version 500pcs
Dick Tracy B&W Trenchcoat version 250pcs
*Dethklok Re-release set 500pcs
*Dethklok Dr. Rockso Mallow 500pcs
*Phantom Mallow 500pcs
*SDCC Art Designer Mallow 250pcs

*Available at the Shocker Toys Store www.shockertoys.com/store.php

We will also have Sushi Pack (Wasabi) Mallows, Indie Spotlight Series1 and blank DIY Mallows in colors plus an exclusive Mallow party release Beta Mallow 100pcs.