111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, California

Official Website: http://www.comic-con.org/

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I'm heading over there with my superhero-Internet-series "Extraordinaries!" (you can watch the teaser for it over at http://www.andrehedetoft.com). What are you looking forward to the most at CC 2008?


does anyone know any good hotels in the area?


Don't even try to find a hotel on your own, unless you like a long walk. Any hotel within any reasonable distance from the Convention Center is already booked solid as a convention hotel. Just keep hitting the Comic-Con site for convention hotel info (none posted yet).

If you really need to be on the cheap, try hotels away from the Convention Center which have access to the San Diego Trolley (sdmts.com). There's a trolley stop right in front of the Convention Center and it’s cheap to ride - $1.25 to $3.00. Parking during Comic-Con is both next-to-impossible and crazy-expensive ($20-$40/day).


Why are you listing different dates?

It's July 24-27 according to the official site.

Al Pavangkanan

did anyone manage to get a room?


I got a room in the gaslamp area about 1 mile away.


Suggested details: In 2007, 125,000 attendees, professionals, and exhibitors came to San Diego for Comic-Con. For the first time ever, Comic-Con sold out of four-day memberships, and single day memberships on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We expect the same thing to happen this year, and we strongly urge you to register online ASAP.


Comic-Con Adds “Staying In San Diego - A Resource Blog for Comic-Con Attendees”

We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find a hotel room in San Diego for Comic-Con. To help with some of your questions and concerns, we’ve set up a blog that we will be monitoring regularly to help provide you with information and answers about staying in San Diego.


This will be my first Comic-Con, even though I live in San Diego, I'm bringing a few show Ideas.


This will be my first time going...

Jesse O

Has anyone noticed that there is only 2 months til the Comic-con and the updates have been few as far as the exclusives are concerned? Last year it seems like so many, this year not so many :(. Oh well, still Comic-con is awesome. This year I lucked out and got a hotel just a few blocks away. Now if only that left me more money for the con :)


I was planning on attending, but now have to attend the Octagon Global Recruiting event in San Diego July 24th-27th. :)


Comic con seems to be very slow to show exclusives this year,i know sideshow collectibles and afx both have theirs up but they arnt even showing on con site. i buy the busts and statues.thats one of my big things at con(3 bags last year)wish they would get the list up.as far as staying their us the san diego conseair (incorrect spelling im sure)they are very good at getting places.or if you can afford 250. or more a nite make your reservations day after con for next one,or soon as they will let you.i did back in march.same place i was last year,5 block walk.but it has a kitchen and a store nearby.I just hope we dont have idol in town again opposite a sandcastle comp. and what ever the other thing was.floor space was 50.00 a nite even i herd.


If you're attending, Warner Bros. is giving a bunch of killer prizes away through mobile drawings. Texting COMIC to 58671 lets you enter - stuff like Watchmen Themed Xbox 360.


Come see Hamlet 2 on the big screen at Comic-Con!

Hamlet 2
Comic-Con Screening
Saturday, July 26th at 8pm
At a Gaslamp Quarter movie theater
Look for one of the many "Sexy Jesus" in and around the convention center for your chance to receive a ticket.
Hamlet 2
Comic-Con Panel
Sunday, July 27th at 11:45am
Ballroom 20
Steve Coogan, Andy Fleming & Pam Brady


unfortunately i cant get there from here and i have to work too. sure wish i could get my hands on the card from NCSoft booth #5209 in Hall G that gives in game stuff for city of heroes, especially the following:Get your pass to the City of Heroes Pocket D Jubilee event schedule for Saturday, July 26th! What better way to celebrate City of Heroes than with a party! We have a great event scheduled at a nearby night club (this is an age 21 and up event) on Saturday!

For current subscribers, your Pocket D Pass includes a special San Diego Comic Con code to unlock a permanent costume power to allow you to take on the appearance of a Freakshow Boss!

maybe i will find someone giving one away or something