350 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Alice MacKay Room, Vancouver Public Library

The Chinese Canadian population in Greater Vancouver has seen a dramatic transformation over the last two decades. To understand these transformations, this presentation presents a demographic profile of the region's largest visible minority population from the latest Census and social surveys. From issues of changing immigration and settlement patterns to intermarriage to voter participation, there stands a fundamental challenge towards what it means to be Chinese Canadian in Vancouver. In understanding the social, economic, and
political implications behind the numbers, there is an even larger challenge of developing an inclusive multiethnic metropolis and memory in the Lower Mainland.

Andrew Yan, CCHS member, will present his research on the Chinese Canadian population in Greater Vancouver. A moderated panel will follow.

About Andrew Yan:

Andrew Yan is a doctoral student in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of California ? Los Angeles' School of Public Affairs. He specializes in applied demography, community economic development, immigration and Geographic Information Systems. He is a
Research Associate at Simon Fraser University's Institute of Governance Studies and a Visiting Scholar at New York University's Asian Pacific American Studies Institute. He holds an Urban Planning Masters Degree from UCLA and Bachelor Honors degree from Simon Fraser

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