1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Salon Voltaire was inspired by the days of the Enlightenment, when the intellectually curious met in salons to discuss topics of the day. Our shows represent a new movement in intellectualism, preserving the ideals of the French salon while bringing together a modern mix of people and ideas.

Official Website: http://www.salon-voltaire.com

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Time: 6:30pm Drinks, 7:30pm Show
Price: $24
To buy tickets: visit http://www.salonvoltaire.com or purchase at the Gladstone.

The 2007 Salon Voltaire lecture series will begin with an evening of discussion with City Councillor Adam Vaughan and Greg Woods, Director of SMC Alsop North America.SMC Alsop North America is the architectural firm responsible for the OCAD Sharp Centre.

They will be speaking on the state of architecture in Toronto and future urban planning, the two most controversial and provocative issues facing the city, and discussed by the two main figures involved with them.