225 7th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

D�coupage Productions, this fall season, presents 'Salon des Oubli�s,' Salon of the Forgotten. An art benefit group exhibit hosted by Making Impressions Fine Printing Salon, located at 225 Seventh Street conveniently located in SOMA.

Artist reception opens Friday September 30th, 5:30 � 7:00pm and by appointment only thereafter through October 18th.

This exhibit features selected works of an eclectic range of mediums focusing on the idea of memory: its faults, its specifics, its allure and its eeriness. Join us in viewing the works from seventeen budding Bay Area Fine Artists of different backgrounds, many attending art schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artists: Joseph Becker, Christelle de Castro, Crystal Dent, Isaiah Dufort, Diana Heom, Nicki Ishmael, Stella Lochman, Morgan Manduley, Simone Meltesen, Owen Partridge, Tahiti Pehrson, Monica Pena, Lily Robert-Foley, Dominic Santos, Matthew Sartain, Tanya Wheeler and Shawn Whisenant.

'Salon des Oubli�s,' Artist Benefit launch party: Friday September 30th, 8:00pm � 12:00am featuring live entertainment from San Francisco Bay Area locals Full Moon Partisans, The Bel Hevis, and Dee Jay Pee Play.

If you've attended our summer season exhibit, you know this event is a sure sell out.

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A little more info:
Benefit Opening Party: $5 Donation 8:00pm ?12:00am features live entertainment from San Francisco Bay Area locals 'Full Moon Partisans,' The Bel Hevis,' and 'DeeJay Pee Play.'

The Full Moon Partisans are a local band, although a couple of their members come from places as far away as Indiana and the Soviet Union. They have a very unique sound, into which they mix such instruments as accordion and the occasional violin.

Based in San Francisco, the Bel Hevis formed in 2004. The term "bel hevi" (bell heavy) is from the Tok Pisin dialect of Papua New Guinea, which translates as ?belly heavy? and refers to that heavy sinking feeling in the stomach that often accompanies extreme sadness.

And, local turntabelist DeeJay Pee Play
If you attended our summer season exhibit, you know this benefit opening event is a sure sell out. Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended. See you there!

For advance tickets contact: Making Impressions 415.621.5999 or drop us a line at [email protected]