2200 E Kenwood Blvd
Miwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

UWM Union Art Gallery

Dance and multimedia presentation by Shireen Malik

December 3, 7-8:30pm

In the Western imagination, an Oriental woman is typically envisioned either as a passive victim hidden beneath her veil or an exotic temptress - the dancing girl whirling with wild abandon in a dance of the seven veils. Such a dance is actually the literary creation of English playwright Oscar Wilde in his opus Salome, completed in 1892. The play premiered in Paris in 1896, but was banned in Britain because of the portrayal of biblical characters. Ironically, there is no "Salome" mentioned by name in the Bible, nor is there any reference to dancing with veils - not one veil, let alone seven. In 1905, the Richard Strauss opera Salome, based on Wilde's story, was presented with great success to the European public. Salome and her Dance of the Seven Veils came to life, and has been a fantasy figure ever since.

Official Website: http://www.aux.uwm.edu/Union/events/gallery/Fall2008/Shows2008/the%20veil.htm

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