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An Announcement From Sake Hana: Sake Classes

From December 2008 through April 2009, Sake Hana will be hosting classes on all aspects of brewing, tasting and enjoying sake.
Classes will be held once in every month and are open to anyone aged 21 and over. Although there will be five classes in total, you are welcome to sign up for any individual class that interests you.
The classes are designed to be enjoyable and informative and are a great way to meet other people who enjoy sake and learning about sake.

The first class will be held at Sake Hana on Saturday, December 13 at 6pm.
The date of the second class and later classes will be announced soon.
For some classes, we will be inviting guest speakers from Japan, for whom we will provide an English translator.
Class I: Some Interesting Sake Questions
[December 13, 6pm] $65
1. Which glass is best for drinking sake?
2. Why do some breweries make only Junmai-shu?
3. What is the special character of sake from Ishikawa Prefecture?
4. What is a seasonal sake?
5. Mirin? Amazake? A friend of sake?
6. What is "Yamahai"?

Mr. Yageta from Fukumitsuya sake brewery will come from Japan
Tentative Class Topics for Upcoming Classes

Class II: Sake 101
[January, 2009] $60
1. The difference of Junmai, Ginjo, Daiginjo
2. What is Koji?
3. How is sake made?
Class III: Parallel tasting
[Feburary, 2009] $65
1. Taste different types of sake from the same brewery
2. The secret of mass produced, high quality sake
Mrs. Kurosawa from Hakkaisan sake brewery will come from Japan
Class IV: Rice, Water, and Yeast.
[March, 2009] $65
1. How many kinds of sake rice are there?
2. Compare the taste of different types of sake rice
3. How does water affect sake taste?
Class V: Aged sake.
[April, 2009] $75
1. Can sake be aged?
2. How is the taste aged sake different from fresh sake?
3. How are aged sakes enjoyed in Japan?

For more information, please email: [email protected] or stop by Sake Hana(78st between 2nd & 3rd)

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