25 Ave B
New York City, New York 10009

Loveless Music Group presents:
To Here Knows When
Shoegazer, dreampop, and related music every other week

Saints and Lovers
The most impressive three-piece band you will ever encounter, brothers Scott (lead guitar) and Doug (drums) Meola and adopted brother, Dennis Cahlo (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass), have joined forces as Saints + Lovers to create a sumptuous sound that Phil Spector could only do with a full orchestra.

...(if) Pink Floyd, Love & Rockets and Spiritualized (are) some sort of holy spacerock continuum, Downtown are surely the new descendants.

The Big Sleep
"Local trio The Big Sleep approximates the guitar-keyboard noise frequency that made My Bloody Valentine and the Telescopes the smartest names for bands to drop during the past 12 years or so. It's on the right track." - Time Out NY

Brian Bonz - Brian Bonz hails from the windy sections of Brooklyn, NY. Live, he uses a Line 6 loop-sampler for layered percussion and for an odd array of effects, providing for quite an interesting show.

Guest DJ set by Derek Rush (Dream Into Dust, Dogs Blood Rising), along with regular Loveless Music Group DJs.

Added by chthonic on October 8, 2005