26 N Washington St
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198

sah (Marquette, Mich.)

SAH is a blunt, drum-army and a beautiful atmospheric string-section all at once. SAH throws out hooks and changes with a sensibility all their own. The sound is a perfect balance of spontaneity and premeditation, simplicity and complication, beauty and brutality, looseness and stop-on-a-dime tightness. It's dark, optimistic, beautiful, ugly, sad, rejoiceful, tribal and refined all at once. - Phratry Records

Sah charts out a road map that doesn't follow the simplistic rules of "Pop songs." It is all about impulse, resulting in a winding sonic stream on which Sah pulls the listener down behind them on a buoy. The mind-lock between the musicians that is so apparent also extends to the listener -- it's hard to not get sucked into the band's sweeping dynamics and angled propulsion. - Cincinnati CityBeat

redlightchamberchoir (Ypsilanti, Mich.)

[T]he band builds a sense of anticipation with introspective guitar interplay that ebbs and flows with dynamic percussion. That sense of anticipation soon subsides as RLCC launch into a dramatic crescendo, laden with vitriolic distortion that seems to get heavier with each passing second. [...] Devoid of vocals, Red Light Chamber Choir conjure every ounce of sound from their instruments in a bid to get their desired emotional response. They seem to grow in confidence with each passing track and the variety is, at times, staggering. - Sonic Frontiers

the Betamales (Ann Arbor, Mich.)

Abstract, ambient noise soundscapes from current and former members of Drafted by Minotaurs, Hot Meat for Young Lovers, Dabenport, and the Riots. Led by MC Trashpedal, Ann Arbor's living room noiseician and space trumpet wielding hero.

Trashpedal refers to Fulcher’s bizarre collection of salvaged guitar effects through which he plays trumpet, keyboards and occasionally his PDA, for a one-of-a-kind sound that ranges from tender warmth to fractured calamity. With an odd sense of humor and honest-DIY vulnerability that’d make Dykehouse look polished by comparison, he’s recently roamed between the lo-fi anti-folk of Hot Meat for Young Lovers and the ambient sheen of Drafted by Minotaurs, not to mention countless other collaborations. - Motor City Rocks

Indian Guides (Detroit, Mich.)

Trippy, ambient shoegazery goodness from Detroit. Members of Sea Turtle Restoration Project, the Looms, Red China, Raccoon, and Kindle.

$5 admission.

Official Website: http://dreamlandtheater.com/

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