455 Abbott Street
Vancouver, British Columbia

Although he is the ultimate dork debonair, Safety Scissors does not over-obsess with the computing process. Singing on his latest works for Force Tracks and Plug Research, MPC experiments with camp techno. Releases on Carpark and his own label Proptronix similarly pervert techno formula with an electric ukelele and bubble gum. Back in the day, in tha d' (Detroit that is) PJ Pooterhoots previously presented recapitulations and regurgitations of familiar things under the name Cantina on definitive, the house label connected to Plus 8, run by Jon Aquaviva. He performed dangerous musical stunts in the rave duo, Hatatomic. Now, he rudely reintroduces himself with this amazing journey from the belly outward, after years of indigestion.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/wantedthursdays

Added by sroe on December 1, 2006