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About the exhibition
Creating a Picture of Universal Compassion
Be a part of the mystical experience of the creation of a Tibetan Sand Mandala, a project from the Drepung Loseling monks from South India. Watch as they construct an intricate blueprint in brightly colored sand, invoking the Buddha of Compassion. The monks will be working in the third floor Collins Gallery of Central Library from July 26 to July 31, 2010, and the exhibition will remain on display until August 14. All ages are welcome to join and to observe, ask questions, meditate, or share this experience with family and friends.
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Opening Ceremony
• Monday, July 26, noon–1 p.m.
The monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery begin work on their sand mandala with a consecration ceremony of music and multiphonic chanting.
Public Talk
• Wednesday, August 4, 6:30–7:30 p.m.
What is a Sand Mandala? Learn about the purpose, history and philosophy behind this sacred Tibetan art.
Closing Ceremony
• Saturday, August 14, 3–4 p.m.
The sand mandala is blessed by the monks, and then destroyed as the sands are swept to the center. Some sand will be available to audience members. Music, chanting and prayer will accompany the destruction. The remaining sand will be carried in a procession to the Willamette River.
Sponsored by Shakyamuni Tibetan Buddhist Center

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