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What do successful Software as a Service (SaaS), On-Demand, and Web 2.0 companies all have in common? They think, and act like Web companies. This rule applies regardless of whether a company is B2B or B2C or B2B2C. It doesn't matter if you charge by the seat, by the transaction or by the ad. It's all about being a web company. And as the web application delivery game continues to evolve, so must your development, delivery, marketing and sales strategies. In 2008, that means in addition to thinking and acting like a web company, on-demand companies have to make the right platform choices and embrace web services to build out and extend their offerings.

The choices have never been more critical and the opportunities never as varied and exciting. Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, MySpace, Salesforce.com and WebEx all have platforms and very large communities of potential purchasers. And there are more platform choices coming. On the application development side, appropriate use of mash-ups and web services enable rapid creation of new applications and valuable extensions for existing ones. And then there is the continuing challenge of integrating web applications into the enterprise world behind the firewall.

OpSource is proud to present SaaS Summit 2008, our third annual on-demand industry conference, and, what has become a leading forum for the advancement of the on-demand industry. At this year's SaaS Summit, 500 executives from “hot” new on-demand and Web 2.0 companies will join large established software companies, industry analysts, venture capitalists and the press to explore, debate and share their experiences in and recommendations for growing on-demand businesses.

SaaS Summit 2008 topics will include:
» What has to be done and by whom to accelerate the growth of Web application service delivery?
» Platform choices: Which & why?
» Web 2.0 psyche, scary?
» Will Enterprises embrace Web2.0?
» Integration behind the enterprise fire-wall, take II
» Web services, leverage or trap?
» What is so hard about on-demand on-boarding and billing?
» If you sell on-demand, shouldn't you be buying on-demand?

Microsoft is a Diamond Sponsor of SaaS Summit 2008

Official Website: http://www.opsource.net/saas/summit2008/

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