Broadway and 60th St, Fifth Floor of Time Warner Center
New York City, New York

Lincoln Center Festival

Special guests:
Electronic harp Zeena Parkins on July 20
Trumpet Dave Douglas on July 21

“Close your eyes and let the hypnotically colorful sound envelop you.”—The New York Times on So Percussion

“Material structures captured and folded into tunnels of sonic amazement" —The WIRE, UK on Matmos

Ordinary and strange objects and sounds (duct tape, kerosene tanks, tuned teacups, pages of bibles turning, amplified crayfish nerve tissue, frequency response tests for defective hearing aids) are transformed into astonishing tools of music making at the hands of So Percussion and Matmos. So Percussion, a quartet of Williamsburg hipsters poised to re-define modern notions of chamber music, has caught the attention of composers like Steve Reich and Bang on a Can co-founder David Lang. Matmos, a bodacious electronica duo from the West coast, has an underground cult following for its collaborations with superstar Björk.

Coming from their own worlds of provocative sound exploration, the six members that comprise So Percussion and Matmos bring together their similar interests in the mundane and the bizarre by creating virtuosic, daring, and unexpected works that defy categorization. Their electronic wizardry and acoustic virtuosity are combined on new, collaborative material that draws inspiration from the qualities of aluminum, ceramics, fish toys, the lamentable present state of political affairs and anything else that strikes their fancy. The performance also includes innovative and provocative video created by Matmos’ M.C. Schmidt. Performing in the intimate Allen Room, this 21st century sextet leaves no sonic stone unturned in this multi-media extravaganza.

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