50 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Rural Route Film Festival
Cow tipping, trailer parks, and lazy, cowardly dogs.

Friday, July 7th, 2006
8:30 - Live Music by Fat Worm of Error (click for details)
9:00 - Showtime
TRT: 1:30:00

On the lawn of Automotive High School
50 Bedford Ave, between N. 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

Rural Route Film Festival
The 4th Annual Rural Route Film Festival takes place July 28-30 at the Anthology Folk Archives, and there's no better bastion of bucolic and rollicking country cinema to be found in this dense city. Rooftop Films is pleased to once again co-curate a night of rural films with these fine folks from leafy green lands.

Bob Log III's: Electric Fence Story
(Sebastian Wolf & Tinka Stock | Berlin, Germany | 2:12)
Bob Log III is the helmeted genius behind the folk-punk band Doo Rag, and he's got some crazy stories. Stock N' Wolf collect and animate them. Bob's mishaps with the electric fence mark the perfect way to begin our voyage into the rural.

High Plains Winter (Cindy Stillwell | Butte, MT | 7:00)
In our overly mechanized society, it's nice to see some folks get up to some simple, old fashioned fun, like being dragged over ski jumps by galloping horses.

The mind-boggling Slo Mo Video Festival consists of 100 videos by 85 artists from around the world, all of whom were commissioned to make one minute videos in slow motion. Throughout the summer, Rooftop Films will be screening various selections showing off the impressive range of work.
Cowboy Poker (Chris Deaner | 1:00)
If being dragged through the snow by a horse isn't your game, perhaps you'd prefer a quick game of cards (with a rampaging bull).

Slomo Bats (Ed Purver | 1:00)
There are places where the bats flock so thickly they appear as clouds on weather radars.

Bray One, Two and Three (Clay Junell | 3:00)
Horse, donkey, human. Eek, eww, yuck.
Rochell and Brian (Shorts 1)
(Andrea Wallace | Breckenridge, CO |14:00)
This raw and revelatory film introduces us to Rochell, a teenager who gave up her child for adoption, then fought to get him back. Using jarring but natural editing techniques and a willfully wandering camera, Andrea Wallace forces the viewer to see Rochell's world through her eyes. See the sequel, five years later, at www.andreawallace.com.

Sister (Daniel Mulloy | Wales | 12:00)
In this subtle and startling drama, which takes place entirely on oddly claustrophobic school bus traveling through the misty Welsh highlands, an outcast boy steels himself against his tormentors in defense of his sister. The quietly brilliant acting forges an astute dynamic amongst the kids and a calmly heroic climax.

Bob Log III's: Pony Dick Story
(Sebastian Wolf & Tinka Stock | Berlin, Germany | 2:03)
Taking care of the animals on the farm often requires a personal touch.

Agricultural Report (Melina Padua | Dublin, Ireland | 2:32) www.barleyfilms.com
The cow who knew too much.

Useless Dog (Ken Wardrop | Dublin, Ireland | 5:30)
She's a sheepdog who's afraid of sheep. A working dog who "suffers" from narcolepsy (when there's warm sun to lie in). She's inept, but the farmer loves her.

Chickens in City (Christie Herring | San Francisco, CA | 8:00)
There are plenty of weird pets in the world, but keeping chickens—the epitome of barnyard banality—in the city makes for some odd sights. This witty documentary provides some interesting insights into people and their poultry.

The Endangered P-Money Bird
(Erik Nelson | Downingtown, PA | 3:00)
More merging of the avian and human.

Mississippi (Arash T. Riahi | The Big Muddy | 6:30)
Imagine if Huck Finn thought like Herman Melville. An overwhelming rhythm of abstraction—swaths of bright red and white flecked with drops of water—reveals itself to be something both simple and stunning.

Tractor Promenade (Chris Gourley | Nemaha, IA | 6:30)
We've seen bulls play poker, skiing with horses, so yeah, why not a tractor square dance?

Around Sanford (Jeff Erbach | Winnipeg, Saskatchewan | 10:30)
In this perfectly unsettling horror-comedy, small town homophobia manifests itself in a hick hobgoblin.

From the sticks of Western Mass, Fat Worm of Error returns to the metropolis with freshly prepared trinkets and baubles to mesmerize the locals in exchange for a piece of their real estate.

Official Website: http://www.rooftopfilms.com

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