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Following on from our successful collaboration with After Dinner in March we’ll be teaming up again for another session in June! As we continue in our efforts to make each party a unique and individual event we have struck gold again with the venue and got some great artists lined up for your listening and dancing pleasure!

::: Lump [live] (Future Dub / Rrygular / Karloff/ Süd Electronic / Substatic)
::: Sebastian Russell [live] (Multi Vitamins / Telegraph / Enliven)
::: Alex Fisher [live] (After Dinner / Netaudio London)
::: Chris Box (run / Netaudio London)
::: Russell Skellon (run / Motronic)
::: Andi Sparks (After Dinner / Netaudio London)

::: Triggerset [visuals]

Heading up the roster for this party we’ve managed to persuade the Finnish wonder Lump to temporarily emerge from his studio where he’s been frantically working away the last few months. You know you can always expect something unpredictable and wonderful from this maestro.

Veering away from the usual minimal by numbers the sound of Lump has countless layers moving over and under creating abyssal depth tied together only by the uniting electronic dub theme. Each sound is sculpted meticulously to fit or flow just right, revealing new facets at each listening pass. Many of these layers and sounds are mixed live free of precise sequencing and as such the music takes on a life of its own.
Never taking himself too seriously, Lump confesses that for him music is all about fun, making music only when in a good mood. From playful to melancholy, focused to vague, Lump’s music conveys pictures of timeless concepts from deep within, all from a warm perspective of pure positivity. If any of his recent releases on Karloff and Rrygular & his superb album on Future Dub are anything to go by we can’t wait to hear what he’s gonna play at this one!

Next on the list is London based Frenchman Sebastian Russell. We’re so happy to finally have Sebastian come and perform one of his notorious live sets for us on a full sound system! Seb’s live shows have an outstanding appeal for intensity of grooves and sound variety, taking the listener on some adventurous trips and unpredictable turns.

His instantly grooving house is blended of different styles, ranging from funk and hip hop to rock and concrete music and it often presents a humorous attitude by using funny vocal samples and quirky sounds. His unique style comes from a very spontaneous and free-minded approach to electronic music, which can mainly find explanation is his musical roots.
After consistantly doing the biz with his live sets at Multi Vitamins & at venues such as Batofar (Paris) and his releases on labels such as Telegraph, Safari, Enliven, Milnor Modern & Multi Vitamins we’re stoked to have him on board!

Providing full support on the night will be the After Dinner hosts – Andi Sparks (dj) and Alex Fisher (performing another one of his house infused and Detroit inspired live sets – deep, warm and groovy sht indeed!!) Representing the runsounds side, Chris Box and Russell Skellon will be covering the spectrum of music from deep techy sounds to jacking house grooves via minimal experimentalism.

Visual media will again be courtesy of the Triggerset vjs with multiple projections across different screens and the possibility of a bit of Super 8 action…

Once again we’ve managed to secure another fantastic spot for a party: The Shunt Vaults – a sprawling labyrinth of railway arches deep in the tunnels underneath London Bridge Station. This private members bar is run by a collective of artists and is usually used to host exhibitions, theatre performances and installations and is a proper space with some real character and atmosphere – check out the venue links below to get an idea of what you can expect!

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SHUNT Vaults, 20 Stainer Street, London SE1 9RL
11pm – 6am >>> no entry after 3am
£10, please email [email protected] for £7 entry

See you there


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