1026 Valencia
San Francisco, California 94110

In the cold, dark days of January, as farms across the hinterland lie dormant, ruby red grapefruit fields are just hitting peak production. Ruby reds are the reddest, juiciest and sweetest of the grapefruits, the variety against which all other pigmented grapefruits are measured. And January is when some of the finest fruit is plucked from the tree.

Rubyred Labs, itself freshly plucked, invites you to help celebrate the arrival of this year's succulent harvest. Steer your mule train to the Mission District of San Francisco on January 12th for an evening of earthly delights, and an exclusive unveiling or two.

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Rubyred Labs turns back-of-napkin ideas into top-of-class Internet products and services. This is their formal debut.

Added by thor on December 19, 2005


irina slutsky

grubb what you can when you can.


This apPEELS to me.


I'll have to MULLER it over.


It conflicts with the Netter's Dinner, but during Expo I've got a 5 party-per-night minimum, so I think I can squeeze it in.


You have to cee-dub-elieve it.


Okay, lawgeek wins.


These puns leave a sour taste in my mouth