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In our workshop David gives you a intensive introduction to Ruby on Rails. He’ll take you through the ins and outs in just a single day. You might fry your brain but it will be worth it.

In the course of the day, you will learn about:

* The purpose, scope, and design of the Rails framework
* Model/View/Controller (MVC) development
* ActiveRecord, Rails’s ORM (object-relational mapping) library
* Designing “Rails-friendly” SQL tables
* How to initialize and configure a Rails application
* The Rails connection sequence and automatic URL parsing
* Ruby language basics: objects, classes, iterators, and more
* The Ruby console, Interactive Ruby (irb)
* HTML templating with Embedded Ruby (ERb)
* Writing controller actions to steer your application
* Displaying and processing HTML forms in Rails
* Managing tasks with rake (Ruby make)
* Unit tests and integration tests
* Sending email from Rails with ActionMailer
* Ajax and RJS (Ruby/JavaScript library)
* Rails plugins
* Ruby and Rails resources, online and in print

The morning sessions will consist mostly of demonstrations. You will have access to the code being shown, and can examine it and run it while the instructor is going over it and showing how it works.The afternoon sessions will introduce more topics, and will also allow you to try your hand at writing a working Rails application.

Official Website: http://www.buildless.com/products/ruby-on-rails-with-david-black

Added by BlueAce on July 12, 2006



this event was cancelled. too bad though, i could use a bit of a ruby workout...


what a coincidence to see you around here, tizzle. To bad the workshop is canceled...


coincidence? you think? whoohaha! (evil laughter)