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Ruby on Rails

Many of us are excited about Ruby, and Ruby and Rails, and have found it to be an excellent language to build web applications really quickly, and to do so with testing and database management in mind. While RoR was originally developed for a product application, there are still plenty of questions about performance and scalability. Some companies have already decided to use RoR, and others are considering it.

Is Ruby on Rails Ready for Business ?

The Ruby on Rails Camp on November 9th in San Jose is an opportunity to exchange questions and opportunities on the topic of RoR's suitability for real-world, real-business applications. Will it scale? Will I be able to hire developers? Will it persist? Will there be support? Will it be compatible with /*/? Will there be enough third-party components? ... are all items one has to consider.

Official Website: http://www.rubyonrailscamp.com/

Added by loveokapi on October 10, 2006