2421 Westwood Ave, Suite C
Richmond, Virginia 23230

For our first meeting, instead of a more traditional guest speaker format, we’ll be using a “Ruby Jam” format that we are borrowing from the Charlottesville group.

What’s a Ruby Jam?

Instead of listening, in a Ruby Jam, you’re doing. You’re getting your development environment set up, or working on your first project, or helping with a project the group is trying to complete. It’s a chance to have your questions answered by those more experienced while still getting something accomplished.

And, in this case, it’s a free lunch.

What’s the schedule?

  • 10AM-11AM Beginner’s Session
    If you’re just getting started with Ruby and Rails, come to this session to get help setting up your development environment, and making sure that you’ll have everything you need to participate later. If you are not a beginner, come and help someone out!

  • 11AM-12PM Project Selection
    As a group, we’ll be brainstorming the projects that we’d like to do. If you have an idea that you already want to get out there, go share it on the Google Group or in the comments here. We’ll all pick what projects that we’d like to work on during this time.

  • 12PM-6PM Jammin’!
    We’ll be eating pizza, drinking soda, and knocking out code. We’ll work in small groups accomplishing whatever the group selected right before lunch.

What’s the Cost?

$0. Nada. Nothing. Our meeting is being sponsored by ALTERthought and Strategy Cafe

And that's not all...

All those who say that they’re attending the event will be entered into a drawing to win two O’Reilly books. One is for newbies, the other would be good for anyone programming in Ruby.

Official Website: http://www.cvreg.org

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We'll be giving two books away to those who register and attend. Oh, yeah!


I would be very interested in attending. Is there a cost and how do I register?


No cost for this meeting, we have a couple of sponsors going for the site and refreshments. Tell us that you're coming to register, although we would like you to join the Google group listed on our webpage at http://www.cvreg.org/



Joined the group. Please include me in the event.



Looking forward to meet the ruby/railsters in this area.


jugglebone: just click the "I'm Attending" button at the top of this screen.


Sorry, gonna have to wait to see if my schedule frees back up. The wife told me we have some stuff to do that day so I'm still in the tentative status.


I've been silent in the email chains, but i'm reading and looking forward to meeting some more rubyists in the area.


let's get it on!


nuts, I have to bail on attending this time. next time hopefully.