9000 Antares Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43240

It looks like the first hour(?), Joe O'Brien will be giving a Agile /
XP talk and then the rest of the time we'll start diving in to the
GiftMaster project and get the code flying to get it off the ground.
We still don't have a Subversion repository set up, but I'm sure that
will get taken care of before the 16th.

Note that there won't be any food / drink provided currently (Unless
you want to get Sark to sponsor some David! HA!), but feel free to
bring food / drink (non-alcohol I'm guessing) to the meeting.

If there's enough interest, I'm up for meeting beforehand at a local
eatery and geekn' it up while getting some eats somewhere.

Also, I'm not sure how many laptops are going to be there, but
hopefully we'll have enough so that people can at least do some
pair-programming. The Quick conference room has a projector, so at
the least you can watch someone work on the project through that.
Also, I'm checking on wireless access (Quick has a wireless hub in the
conf. room) for everyone, but best to plan on NOT having it and making
sure you download Rails, subversion and any other gems that are
necessary. We'll post on the mailing list the items that yuo should
have on your laptop to make the GM code fest as painless as possible.

Also, come to the side door that's attached to the conference room so
that we don't have to constantly watch the front door for people.

Added by muness on August 12, 2005

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