155 Fell St
San Francisco, California 94102

Yes, there will be something to look forward to this Saturday April 15th...

Come out to the Rickshaw Stop to either celebrate the completion of your tax forms and another economically robust year or fraternize with others who seek to escape from the mire and sorrow of their Sisyphus-like existence and financial ruin if only for a few short hours and a few strong drinks.

@ The Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St @ Van Ness

George Edward "Rube" Waddell (1876-1914) was a fire engine chasing, hard drinking, alligator wrestling, baton twirling, eccentric pitcher for the Philadelphia
Athletics from 1901 to 1910. RUBE WADDELL the band comes armed not with fastballs but with ukuleles, sousaphone, trumpet, accordion, guitars and a warped collection of influences consisting of Blues, Gospel, Irish Folk, Country, Punk, Comic Theater, and Near-Eastern ditties resulting in their own breed of modern Americana music. Now in their ninth year of entertaining San Franciscans and with the upcoming release of their fourth album (June ?06) on the horizon, the Rubes are hell-bent to continue to honor he name of their patron saint by causing bizarre, confounding, and sinfully fun musical ruckuses in bars, concert halls, city street corners, and home stereos everywhere they can.
"If there really is such a thing as swamp boogie, an affliction half between music and parasitic infestation, Rube Waddell be the vector."

The lights come up. Tight pants, ruffled shirts, and gold medallions...
Panties sail across the room and settle on the stage like flower petals...
Lamb chop sideburns, a sexy sway of glittery back up singers,
the gyrating hips, the swooning women...
It's Tom Jonesing: Yes, Tom Jones...and beyond.
Tom Jonesing plays an extensive repertoire of Tom's greatest hits,
lesser known songs, and songs he never did but we thought he should.
Tom Jonesing is the super muscle car dragster custom chop-shop of tribute bands.
We deconstruct the most happening vintage songs from the 60's and 70's and
then we reassemble them with only the highest quality groove components.
Rockin' grooves...surprising, and sexy. Is it pre-disco....or post modern?
Who can say? it's just...Tom Jonesing.

Official Website: http://www.rickshawstop.com

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I want to be there. I really want to be there. Circumstances appear to be conspiring against. :(