151 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94103

Prior Years Partygoers Comments:
We attended RSA parties at this venue before, though never hosted by RSA itself. We love this space!

The party faces tough competition in the Wednesday evening time slot, but unless you plan to be elsewhere, you want to be at this party.

You get to roam freely through a top-notch modern art museums while noshing on snaks and downing premium liquor cocktails. Double bonus points for honoring Banksy by adding an artwork to the collection.

RSVP at http://info.rsasecurity.com/EventRegistration.asp?ID=Event_RSAC_Celebration_Q209

Official Website: http://info.rsasecurity.com/EventRegistration.asp?ID=Event_RSAC_Celebration_Q209

Added by RSA Parties on April 16, 2009