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Your Accounting Close - Do you know the real costs?

The accounting close and financial reporting process is generally a stressful activity for some people. Rarely do you hear of anyone who looks forward to the month end close.

Companies often track the direct costs, in terms of staffing requirements, however that isn't the whole story.

In addition to the direct costs there are many hidden costs including turnover, training, external consultant and auditor expenses. The CFO has his own list of costs such as investor and board confidence.

Additionally, there are the other costs which are also difficult to quantify:

* Productivity after late nights and weekends at the office?
* Morale after missed family activities?
* Sleepless nights worrying about issues, omissions and potential errors?
* Extra time spent resolving close issues with auditors?
* Training and recruiting costs resulting from the increased turnover?

Although some of these costs might not show up directly in the financial statements, they have a very real bottom line effect and human resources impact.

Imagine if there was a better way to improve the month end processes AND reduce the costs.

SVA has teamed up with Cleveland -based Hyland Software http://www.hyland.com, a leader in integrated accounting software solutions, to create the Accelerated Financial Reporting Management (AFRM), a remarkable new solution that companies large and small are using to lower costs, shorten month-end close, increase reporting accuracy, lower stress and improve staff morale.

Come and see our solution at work!

Gabe Zubizarreta
Founding Principal
Silicon Valley Accountants

Official Website: http://www.svacpa.com

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