64 Arlington Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Can you see yourself in that Rolls-Royce? In that mansion on Marlborough Street? At that new bistro restaurant downtown eating a kobe steak?

How did the retailer convince you to purchase those items?

That's the focus of the Luxury Marketing Council and our speaker on September 24.

Our speaker will be the Boston Chapter president of the Luxury Marketing Council, Richard Wycherley, at the invitation of our President-elect Dave Manzi of Trefler & Sons(an antiques restoration busines).

Richard Wycherley will describe what's driving premium consumers, what their special needs are, and how to pitch to them.

Members of the organization include Christie's, Rolls-Royce, JP Morgan, Bang & Olufsen, Stuben, and top hotels like the Carlyle in New York.

It's surprising how many of Boston's professions could benefit from this speech. Realtors, bankers, doctors, retailers -- you're all dealing with luxury items.

This will help us all to market our businesses and services better.

Official Website: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/176622282

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