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ROSS VALLEY PLAYERS presents their RAW (Ross Alternative Works) 2013 Spring Festival, April 19 through 28, featuring four original short plays that explore TURNING POINTS, written by Bay Area playwrights. Each season, RAW presents two festivals of short works or full-length plays, selected for their quality and originality. Each play is a short run production with minimal set pieces with full sound and lighting.

RAW 2013 Spring Festival plays include:
Between Floors by Linda Saldana, directed by Alex Kuskulis.

Jack Needleman’s (Mark Fisher) day turns claustrophobic when he finds himself stuck in an elevator with his bitter ex-wife Fran (Joan Cassin) and Kelly (Jayme Catalano) who turns out to be the best friend of his current lover.

The Packrat Gene by Margy Kahn, directed by Michael Cohen.

When Leigh (Glenda Vessey) flies out to the East Coast to try to help her aging mother Esther (Ann Armour) clean out her apartment, her out-of-work daughter Rachael (Olivia Harrison) quickly follows. A cross-generational struggle over possessions and their meanings morphs into a deeper conflict.

Beloved Eddie written and directed by Keith Jefferds.

In one little corner of the pet cemetery, it’s a triangle of neediness: Doug the human (Keith Jefferds) and his two dearly beloved pets, Patricia (Diane Barnes) and Eddie (Mark Fisher). Nobody’s quite ready to say good-bye in this little ménage, but things begin to sort out when free-spirit Amy (Pennell Chapin) arrives to put to rest the outrageous Bardolph (Steve Price), her recently passed-on Doberman.

Boat-Tailed Grackles by Stanton Klose, directed by Buzz Halsing.

Therapist Dr. Schadenfreude (Alex Ross, Sean O’Brien) is meeting with Gerald (Mark Shepard), his decidedly odd patient. But the therapy session seems to be interrupted by a number of visions (Emily Surface), and it becomes evident that the doctor’s grip on reality has its limitations too.

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