Washington, District of Columbia

After a year under the Obama administration, RootsCamp is a chance for the progressive movement to come together to share the lessons we've learned about working for progressive change in this new era, focusing on organizing around progressive issues and mobilizing volunteers. RootsCamp will challenge participants to really think about and share what's worked -- and what hasn't -- over the last year. It is a chance for on-the-ground organizers to learn from the best in the country -- and great emphasis has been placed on uncovering the best organizers on immigration reform, LGBT equality, faith-based work, youth organizing, education reform, climate justice, anti-genocide work, and organized labor.

RootscampDC will also be a look back at all the online and offline organizing done in 2009. Everything from how organizations use online organizing successfully, which organizing tools really make a difference, and how to strike the balance between offline and online organizing to accomplish our goals.

Official Website: http://www.neworganizing.com/wiki/index.php/RootsCampDC

Added by rolf on January 18, 2010