Vijzelgracht 51-55
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1017 HP

The fifth installment of the RoomWare Project DevHouse gathering in Amsterdam.

* come join this open source project exploring "the internet of things" whether you are a designer, hardware or software developer
* finetuning new website
* completing server and all apps for download
* workshop on roombased interaction in nightlife venues, examining human centered scenarios serving people going out during the night seeing bands or more specifically in nightclubs with DJs, Vjs and club goers
* preparation for presentation at upcoming conferences (demo)
* open discussion on roomware development

Official Website:

Added by lifesized on March 26, 2007



No! At the same time as unDEAF! Tough choices to make...


i realized..too bad...but we just had to address the need for a roomware 1.0 install package release...:)


Yes, tough indeed. Sorry I can't make Roomware as I'll be running the Wii Tennis Tournament at unDEAF...

But we'll spread the Roomware word to the electronic arts community there.


Also I'd be interested to hear what you all make of the workshop on nightlife/roomware applications. Having seen PartyStrands in action at the techcrunch NY party, I think a modicum of realism is required. Just because you can make something with some technology doesn't mean people want or need it.