Mauritskade 17
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1091GC

*****UPDATE: please notice we changed venue address very recently*****

It's that time again. That time to get your geek on and come mess around with technology and human behavior. Got any ideas for new room-based installations, new service ideas that have a multi-touch component, bring them with. RFID will be a great addition to the table for new interactions like adding contacts.

Bring your: RFID tags/readerz, Wii-mote, multi-touch, "Minority Report" interfaces, empty skullz, and join your fellow reactable heads, hardware hackers, software developers, nerds, video researchers or the mildly curious passers-by

Official Website:

Added by lifesized on July 17, 2008



The date & time is not correct's at 2 August :)


I was going to say - read the announcement today and already it's passed? Wah!


James has been notified, should be fixed asap




Would have loved to be there, but will be abroad still. Have a good time.

Jeff Winder

I'm not hooked up to a roomware server yet, but I could bring some WiiFlash and Phidgets stuff to demonstrate.

Would that be interesting/possible?



Hey Jeff,

Would be very interesting :) Bring in the gear i'd say :)


sign me in!