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Stingray Sam (Cory McAbee | Brooklyn, NY | www.stingraysam.com | 70 min.)
Stringray Sam tells a story of the future, based on themes of modern society, with an old-fashioned sensibility borrowing on the traditions of sci-fi, westerns, singing cowboy serials and musicals of classic American film. Beautifully combining live action, graphic collages, illustrations, photo montages and animation, you’ll never see anything else quite like Stingray Sam. Watch a trailer at http://stingraysam.com/trailer.html

Stingray Sam is not a hero. Like all great heroes, he comes to his quest reluctantly. Sam is satisfied singing away in a dejected bar on now desolate Mars (locations which might seem eerily familiar to Williamsburg residents). The galactic version of globalization (universalization?) wrought industrial havoc on Sam’s home planet, forcing him into a life of crime and crooning. But as an ex-convict, Sam still has a debt to pay to this unjust society. So when the Quasar Kid sidles into the saloon looking for a singing sidekick (and copious handfuls of cocktail olives), it only takes a quick flick of the asking stick to convince Sam to join in. Their mission: save the universe’s last little girl.

Along the way, Stingray Sam and the Quasar Kid battle the boredom of bureaucracy at the Inter-Galactic Hall of Records and Trivia, struggle with the silliness of science at The Pregnant Man’s Institute, and entertain the insufferable wit of a wealthy twit, Fredward, the genetically malfunctional offspring of pioneer clone doctors Fredrick and Edward. Each encounter takes us deeper into the history of an outer space facing many of our current Earthly crises, from economic inequality to increasing prison populations, from temporary celebrity to disturbing trends in corporate mascots. Geo-political metaphors have never been this rambunctious and hilarious.

In the mode of classic Hollywood serials, each of the six episodes follows a similar pattern, with narrative sequences in stark and stunning black and white, a color-tinted animated educational sequence (narrated by David Hyde Pierce), a catchy song from McAbee’s garage-country band The American Astronaut, and a cliff-hanger ending. Will Stingray Sam and The Quasar Kid rescue the little girl? How will they handle this wild little charge? Will the little girl’s return restore balance to the universe, or will it simply leave our hero lonely and lost? The answers are fun and funny, clever and creative. And at heart, this outrageous and innovative sci-fi western musical allegory is the simple story of man forced by fate into a grand crusade.

Stingray Sam is not a hero. But he does do the things that folks don't do that need to be done.

Venue: on the roof of the Brooklyn Tech
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