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Short Films From Whophin

"...the most relentlessly fascinating and inventive showcase for new short films in the country."

Rooftop Films returns to the halls of Chelsea market for a free screening of short films from the Wholphin collection. Wholphin is a quarterly DVD magazine from McSweeney's, lovingly encoded with the best short movies, documentaries and uncategorizable films — from rare Spike Jonze documentaries to Alexander Payne's first short feature; from documentaries about squirrel racism to animated shorts about space travel and short-haired women. If it's good, rare, new or unseen, it's on Wholphin.

All of us at Rooftop Films have been big fans of Wholphin for years, so we are excited to be able to partner with them to present this collection from their library.

Before the films, Love Like Deloreans will be performing live, and throughout the show we will have free bottles of beer courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner.

The Films:
Heavy Metal Jr. (Chris Waitt | 24:00 | UK)
A documentary about a band of Scottish 9-year-olds performing their song, “Satan Rocks,” at the county fair.

Darling Darling (Directed by Matthew Lessner | 12:00 | USA)
A surreal dating short starring Michael Cera, with alternate audio versions featuring John Cleese and Daniel Handler.

Look at the Sun (Wholphin |5:00 | USA)
An incredibly close look at the sun in its most gorgeous and inactive state.


Nutkin's Last Stand (Nicholas Berger | 18:00 | USA)
A documentary following the face off between American gray squirrels and British red squirrels.

Walleyball (Wholphin |3:30 | USA)
An game of illegal border volleyball played at the US/Mexico border, using the wall as a net.

Please Vote For Me (Weijun Chen | 32:00 | China/South Africa)
A documentary about a class of Chinese third graders who hold a democratic election for classroom monitor and end up hilariously, if unintentionally, mocking 300 years of American politics

Walk-In Program:
Safari (Catherine Chalmers | 7:00 | USA)
Tactical Advantage (Daren Rabinovitch | 4:00 | USA)
Baby Squid, Born Like Stars (Wholphin | 5:00 | USA)
David Huggins: Experienced (Jeremy Vaeni | 7:00 | USA)

Official Website: http://www.rooftopfilms.com

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