232 3rd Street @ 3rd Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York, New York

INDUSTRIANCE™ Shorts 2: This Land Is Not Yours
Contested spaces and artists reclaiming their land.

Saturday, July 1st, 2006
8:30 - Live Music by Aarktica (click for details)
9:00 - Contested spaces and artists reclaiming their land

On the roof of The Old American Can Factory
232 3rd Street @ 3rd Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn
In the event of rain the show is indoors at the same location.

SPECIAL NOTE: Capacity on the rooftop is limited to 200 people. In the event we sell out the roof in advance, we will be accepting walk-up patrons for our lovely courtyard. The best way to guarantee yourself a spot on the roof is to buy a ticket in advance.

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INDUSTRIANCE™ Shorts 2: This Land Is Not Yours
This screening is part of Rooftop Films ongoing INDUSTRIANCE™ screening series, co-presented with XO Projects and the Architecture League.

Heartbreaking and uplifting personal stories, coupled with gorgeous and frightening animation and experimental films, make up this powerful program about individuals' struggles to find a place to rest, a place to eat, a place to live.


"Power Out" (Arcade Fire music video)
(Plates Animation Inc | Toronto, ON | 5:00)
Animated anarchists, little devils with eyes glowing from beneath wooly hoods, wrest control of the electrical system from the hands of behemoth bespectacled capitalists in this dynamic music video for indie rock superstars The Arcade Fire.

Lawn (Montieth McCollum | Barton, NY | 11:00)
A lovely and lonely meditation on nature, beauty, and man's will to shape the two, framed subtly in the filmmaker's debate on whether to use chemical fertilizer on his lawn after the discovery that the chemicals could be hazardous to his family.

The Wash (Lee Lynch & Anne Schmitt | Newhall, CA | 18:45)
This lyrical document shot entirely on Super-8 shows a changing America. The filmmakers return to the long-gone landscape of their childhood, a concrete river once populated by society's outcasts, now impinged upon by tracts of suburban homes.

South Central Farmers (Ross Guidici | Los Angeles, CA | 7:11)
Three hundred fifty low-income families farm 14 acres of land in South Central Los Angeles in order to feed their families and stay off welfare. Now, a wealthy land developer has acquired this property and is threatening to kick the farmers out. This is the story of their passion and struggle to survive.

SITE SPECIFIC_LAS VEGAS 05 (Olivo Barberi | Las Vegas, NV | 13:00)
Shot from a helicopter with an experimental photography process, noted Italian photographer Barberi makes the red rock desert and glittering casinos appear as a toy, a surreal look at one of the world's most surreal places.

Square Millimeter of Opportunity: Houses
(Luke Lanborn | Syracuse, NY | 2:00)
The S.M.O. series seeks to emulate the possibility of extraordinary but overlooked occurrences as if captured by a passing videographer. This series is informed by the writings of anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, who described rare moments when our normal perceptions of daily life would shift dramatically and without warning. Here, a magical house delights our eyes, while raising questions about just how far suburban tract housing will spread.

Unhitched (Erin Hudson | Palo Alto, CA | 14:00)
A poignant and powerfully lyrical documentary about the Faery Ring campground, a refuge for low-income people who have fled or been forced out of high-priced San Francisco and the surrounds. Directed by Rooftop alum Erin Hudson, recipient of a 2005 Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund grant for her upcoming film Long Haul.

Sea Change (Joe King & Rosie Pedlow | London, England | 5:36)
As the camera drifts gorgeously past row upon row of caravans in a seaside trailer park, day fades to night, seasons change, people flit in and out of view like ghosts, and the only constant is the tangible feeling of transience.

Togtha (Alan O Cuilnn | Ireland | 7:30)
An old woman makes her way to the local grocery, only to find it developed out of existence. A young man intent on watching TV reluctantly takes his dog to the park, and finds himself trapped in growing circle of traffic. In this devastatingly sad and clever animation, progress causes setback after setback.

Treevil (Chrzu (Christopher) Lindstrom | Finland | 6:06)
Weird obstacles make the lumberjack's job harder than it should be, and still he refuses to give up. Things are not always what they seem. Sometimes they are much worse.

Steel Dinosaur (Tyler Hubby | San Francisco, CA | 1:00)
History's greatest predator.
Courtesy of SloMo Video Festival

Aarktica masterfully balances subtle, warm guitar tones and soaring majestic climaxes behind the carefully crafted melodies of multi-talented front man Jon DeRosa. Their new album, Blinding Light, is available now.

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