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This webinar will cover the basics of HR professionals’ roles and responsibilities. The session will take you through the information on understanding and handling the common and critical situations which you most likely will encounter in first 6 months of your employment.

Why Should You Attend:

HR is where you want to stay, you’re there now and there are things for you to learn and learn fast. You may not be sure where to start first, what your responsibilities are, or even what HR does. Rest assured though that other’s will have expectations. Your employees will have expectations for how you handle their needs, questions, concerns and complaints. Your managers will have expectations of your ability to support them during the hiring process and helping them with managing their employees’ problems. The management group will expect you to be able to understand and explain compensation, handle workers comp and triage employee complaints. So regardless of circumstances, you’re going to have to get up to speed and fast. That means there are things you need to know today and others you can wait to learn.

In this 60 minute webinar we’ll cover the basics to help you through the most common situations you’ll encounter in your first 6 months.

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