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On a hot August night as the moon howled at the sea, an American gypsy family found a baby-child crying on the sand. They named him Goldenheart because he emitted a strange glow. His halo only needed a good polishing and it would be good as new, other than a few dents. At that moment a silver ship passed by with the Jolly Roger waving in the night wind. Locating magnetic north on an old driftwood compass, the caravan was again on the move. “I’m third-eye thirsty, let’s stop at the next 7-11,” said the father. “Those are lucky numbers,” said the mother “Let’s not press our luck, let’s press garlic”. Her brown face was weary with weariness and she worried that she wore a word full of warning. Howling wind like a howling wolf rolled down the hillside. Rolling moss gathers no stones and this was not going to be a tune that you soon forget. You might not recognize it or remember it but you will remember it, eventually. The tipsy gypsy’s drank a drink out of a sinking leather sack. The song began and the wind began to scowl. Music was drifting out of a saloon perched high up and out on the limb of a tree growing at the edge of a cliff. A familiar pop tune… 4-Non Blondes? Overplayed and misunderstood by millions, one would hope. My millions? “What about the trail of tears – Dolorosa?” father said. “What about the mockingbirds?” mama said. “What about the destroyers of all music, El Destroyo?” grandpa said. None answered, for none had heard. The gypsy carried the crying Goldenheart up into the Saloon and poured him a shot full of glass and he poured his heart out with every crying breath. Strike up the band, strike up a match, three strikes you’re out – let’s dance. Roger Rocha & the Goldenhearts will play music for you at the homes of tipsy gypsies everywhere, or just passing through. Nancy Koa fiddles the violin and cello, Ari Gorman plays the piano with one hand tied behind his back and Roger Roger sings the guitar and plays the vocals.


Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/thegoldenhearts

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