23 Everett St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

This is the ongoing record of one man's effort to assemble every famous internet meme or celebrity to come to Harvard in the spring of 2008 to attend a conference.

Presumably, they're going to talk about fame online.

But with Goatse and Impossible Is Nothing Guy on the guest list, getting there is going to be about 80% of the fun

Party like a rockstar



Provisionally, the event is planned to take place April 25, 26, or 27, 2008 in Cambridge.

We'll be setting up a neat registration interface soon, but until then, if you'd like to reserve a spot, shoot an e-mail to roflcon AT gmail.com

Press Inquiries, Hate Mail, Etc send to thwang AT fas.harvard.edu

kthx, The Mgmt

Official Website: http://roflcon.org/

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goatse and tubgirl in the same room? omg omg omg