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Heathrow, England

The Sexiest Latin Dance Festival on Earth!

Tony Lara and Daniela from I Love Bachata have teamed up with Robert and Jean White from Mambocity to bring you a unique and Sexy Weekender in the UK on the 23rd - 25th Oct 2009

What do you get if you mixed Bachata, Zouk, Tango, Kizomba & Sexy Salsa?
A weekend that you will never forget and never forgive yourself if you miss it!

3 Party Night, 2 Rooms, Some of the Worlds best instructors, 1st Sexy & Sensual Dance Competition, Professional with Amateurs Jack & Jill Competition, Lots of Hot dancing and some of the Sexiest Shows around!

Excited? I am sooooo exctied... more details to come to this is just the beginning.

===============BREAKING NEWS============
1st Sexy Latin Dance Competition
Sponsored by 3rd Amsterdam Salsa Festival
PLUS win £1000

For details:

Band: Johnny Hernandez from Mojito Project

Artists invited:

Johnny Hernandez from Mojito Project

International Teachers:
Rodney Rodchata - San Francisco, USA (Bachata)
Camille Yannantuono - San Diego, USA (Bachata & Tango)
Kadu Pires - Brazil/Australia (Zouk/Lambada)
Larissa Thayane- Brazil/Australia (Zouk/Lambada)
Farid Ferchach - France (Salsa)
Julie Camous - France (Salsa)
Tony Lara - Italy (Bachata)
Dani De Francesco - Italy (Bachata & Pussycats)
Leticia Estevez Lopez - Spain (Zouk/Lambada)
Daniel Estevez Lopez - Spain (Zouk/Lambada)
Claudia Loiacono - Italy (Reggaeton & Salsa)
Jorge Ataca - Tampa, USA (Bachata & Salsa)
Tanja La Alemana - Tampa, USA (Bachata & Salsa)
Lee El Gringuito - Washington, USA (Bachata)
Grégory Thuenens - Belgium (Bachata)
Nanda Castillo - Belgium (Bachata)
Peter Holmquist - Sweden (Bachata)
Christine Dottax - Sweden (Bachata)
Ziad Kassis - Lebanon (Salsa & Tango)
Sahar Khalil - Lebanon (Salsa & Tango)
Mo Stij - Dubai (Bachata)

UK Teachers:
Andy Witt - Cardiff (Salsa & Lambada)
Lucy Powers - Cardiff (Salsa & Lambada)
Frank Santos - London (Bachata)
Celine Andre - London (Bachata)
Joe Kosniak & Solange - London (Lambada, Salsa & Samba)
Lee Hunter - Derby (Chachacha)
Nuriye Arslantas - Derby (Chachacha)
Dan Stribley - Exeter (Bachata)
Bex Veysey - Exeter (Bachata)
Inaki Fernandez - London (Bachata & Kizomba)
Silvia Almaraz - London (Bachata & Kizomba)
Iris de Britto - London (Kizomba)
Guest of Honour Mr. Robert Charlemagne - London (Salsa)

Micky Rizzi - Italy
Lee El Gringuito - USA
Rudi El Tiguere - USA
Julian MrM - UK

and many more UK and International Artists to be confirmed....

If you are interested in performing or supporting the event, please contact Tony Lara on [email protected]


The Park Inn Hotel,
Heathrow Airport,

Official Website:

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