1195 St-Laurent
Montreal, Québec

The agenda is collaboratively decided on the spot, so everyone can take part. All attendees participate; presenters and audience merge into one. You are welcome to create your own session, to make "accidental links" with people from many other disciplines, and benefit from fortuitous meetings to share investigations and solutions.

Join us for three outstanding days to identify ideas, issues, learnings,
questions and new best practices. Share with wiki users, social media
developers, community practitioners, digital artists, students,
activists and entrepreneurs and find answers to our common concerns.

For more info see :

Official Website: http://www.rocococamp.info

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This event is a duplicate of http://www.upcoming.org/event/157981/ . It would be cool to merge the two of them together. Barring that, I recommend that people put their notes about attending on the other one.