1195 Boul. St. Laurent
Montreal, Québec H2X 2S6

RoCoCo = Rencontre sur la Collaboration, la Créativité et l'autOgestion [Collaboration, creativity & self-managment]; aka RecentChangesCamp Montreal 2007

If it's at all like it's sibling RecentChangesCamp events, there will be a unique mix of geeks & non-geeks, passionate and curious about the role of technology in making the world a better place. Most of the geeks will be deeply into wiki, and certainly into collaboration tools in general (community-building websites; "social networking"; wireless networking; CMSes; OpenID, i-names & other new/evolving identity technologies; etc.). A lot of people who don't know each other will become friends. Some people who already know each other will get to hang out again and deepen their connections. Code will get written. Many new/old projects will get discussed and some will launch or move along significantly.

Official Website: http://www.rocococamp.info/

Added by johnca on March 1, 2007