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"It no longer makes sense for us to debate whether or not the earth is warming at an alarming rate, and it doesn't make sense for us to sit back and wait for others to act. The fate of the planet that our children and grandchildren will inherit is in our hands, and it is our responsibility to do something about this crisis." — William J. Clinton

The Mission Statement:
Rock Your Planet! is an inspiration, a sustainability platform, an environmental movement and a real live entertainment event. It was born from a desire to utilize the talent, resources and contacts that were available to us in the music and entertainment industry, to promote a sustainable lifestyle and make it an indelible part of the college age youth movement. As an event, we will entertain on college campuses with some of the best talent in the music industry, while showcasing the philosophies, products and technologies of the sustainable lifestyle movement. Beginning with the introduction of our Earth Day 2007 launch, we will commence an international publicity campaign announcing our first initiative, the first-ever music tour whose dates and locations will be determined by the “greening” activities of college campus student bodies. Through these innovative eco-staging’s, we will establish Rock Your Planet! as a brand that represents the modern youth sustainable lifestyle. We will demonstrate that the steps to healing the planet can be quite simple when done in mass. We can make the difference - Rock Your Planet!

The Answers to the Big Questions:

Major music talent performing on stage at night, supported by local favorite artists playing live all day on campus for one special event – Earth Day, 2007. Live music, celebrity roundtable discussions with leading sustainable technology pioneers, free screenings of environmentally focused films like, An Inconvenient Truth, motivational guest-speakers, an eco-bazaar with sustainable products, tools and information from the leading environmental organizations to help you heal your planet, with celebrity hosts, all coming together for one day, one historic event – this is Rock Your Planet! Earth Day 2007.
The Rock Your Planet! Earth Day 2007 celebration is a one-day event on Saturday, April 21st that will also launch and showcase the Rock Your Planet! tour. Rock Your Planet! will continue to be an on-going college lifestyle campaign and movement. At the launch event, we will unveil the specific details of how college and university campuses can earn a Rock Your Planet! tour-stop on their campus by fulfilling requirements and receiving points in a campus eco-challenge, which will be formulated and administered in partnership with several leading environmental organizations. The founders also hope to reveal one exciting prize to be awarded to the campus that nets the highest points in the designated time period to be provided by one of our Rock Your Planet! corporate sponsors.
Even when Rock Your Planet! is not activated as an event, it will continue to have a dynamic presence with the college market -- and beyond. The Rock Your Planet! website (www.rockyourplanettour.com) will become a portal of news, information, entertainment and links to all of the Rock Your Planet! partners, sponsors, organizations, media sponsors and their products. We will introduce our own Rock Your Planet! merchandise, as well as link students to our favorite new sustainable products. We will report the success stories of competing campuses to spark new ideas and inspire more activity from students. We will host exclusive entertainment content, such as the new music video of the Grammy-nominated band, The Duhks, with music produced live by Bruce Robb at Cherokee Studios and filmed on location. All this, while we provide a peer-to-peer connection for students on campus.
Rock Your Planet! is a For-Profit Philanthropy that will continue to grow, innovate and evolve with emerging opportunities to enhance the sustainable lifestyle youth movement. All the profits from Rock Your Planet! will remain with Rock Your Planet! allowing us to continuously raise our goals, while healing planet Earth.



Bruce Robb Productions will be producing this event. Multi-platinum award-winning producer, Bruce Robb has become a prominent figure in the media helping to raise awareness for these ideals. He became passionate enough about Rock Your Planet! to open his rolodex to access a career’s worth of relationships to attract to the cause. Bruce is in conversations now with several famous artists and will be the point person for coordinating our star talent. Joining Bruce for Rock Your Planet! is an executive team that brings experience in music, film and television production, sponsorship, promotions, events and advertising to guarantee this is a successful experience for the audiences, the corporate sponsors, all of our partners in this event, and the planet.
Cherokee Studios, the legendary independent recording studio that is home to nearly 300 Gold and Platinum records, founded by Bruce Robb and his brothers, will serve as the Los Angeles headquarters for Rock Your Planet! Located at 751 N. Fairfax Avenue in the heart of the trendy Melrose district, the studios will also provide prestigious space for press conferences, photo shoots, filmed interviews and possibly some unique artist recordings in the famous Studio One that has hosted music legends from Frank Sinatra and David Bowie to Madonna and Kanye West.


[email protected] Magazine has partnered with Rock Your Planet! as their global media sponsor, with a commitment that will guarantee international press coverage, in addition to helping attract all other media. 2001 Ozzie Award Winner for “Best Design for a New Magazine,” [email protected] is in its seventh year of publication. With a subscriber base comprised of senior executives and directors of Fortune 1000 corporations, senior government and NGO officials, and socially conscious investors, [email protected] serves its audience with a bi-monthly printed magazine, a website and two newsletters. All of these media outlets will be tapped, in addition to special programs and products being designed specifically for Rock Your Planet!, such as pre-event celebrity roundtables and press conferences, a May campus special edition magazine, production of our website blog and ongoing podcasts, and even more as we expand to the European market.


The specific targeted demographic for Rock Your Planet! is the college market who represents the next generation whose future is in jeopardy if we do not take active steps to change our present environmental course. We believe this age group is motivated, socially active and open to intelligent input. And, we think that the college and university campus represents a perfect metaphor for the larger community. During these years, this age range is highly influenced, incubating the ideas that will form their attitudes and behavior out in the “real world.” That is why it is so critical to reach them now, and help educate our future community and business leaders in the value of practicing sustainable philosophies. This “Gen Next” is more progressive than past generations, and comprises an audience that is 42 million strong.

A Southern California College or University Campus, or other appropriate venue (TBA).

Saturday, April 21, 2007 (Earth Day is officially Sunday April 22, 2007).

This event will be funded entirely through corporate sponsorship and the donation of numerous people’s time and talents. It is our goal to bring this sustainable experience into fruition without charging the students who attend. (If we elect to do ticketing, we would like to see the sale of tickets go towards balancing the carbon load of the event and towards some specific sustainable activities. Tickets should be priced low with an extra discount for students.)

Rock Your Planet! was conceived in response to the demand expressed by the many people we encounter, who are aware of the fragile state of our eco-system, but not certain what they as individuals can do to make a difference. With the overwhelming scientific data in the media, the awareness brought about by films like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and the shocking rapid environmental and weather changes we are all experiencing now, many of us are feeling overwhelmed. The founders of Rock Your Planet! recognize that there is an enormous gap between the realization of what is happening, and the availability of information and practical tools to allow people to start making a positive difference. We believe that there are so many simple tools available to us today that people would be grateful to know about and employ. The information and options just need to be accessible. The most exciting part is that many of these tools do not necessarily require radical changes in people’s lifestyles. After all, it was a cumulative effect that got us in this environmental state, and a collective effort can get us out. Lots of people doing small actions can really equal massive results. And this is the cornerstone to the educational element of the Rock Your Planet! tour. So, whether an audience member gets excited about hybrid transportation and solar power, or simply learns the value of shopping at their local farmer’s market – all will be enhanced through this entertaining and educational experience. The key is - tools give people hope, and remind us all that it is still within our power to change our future!

Official Website: http://www.rockyourplanetnow.com

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