2330 Telegraph Avenue @ West Grand
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Dance Til You Drop Or Until You Trip Over Your Feet & Fall Down

David Kaye presents another maddening show -- maddening if you happen to miss it and your friends tell you how awesome it was. Well, this time don't miss it! It will be awesome. Why? Because it's a dance and it's got two bands who play incredible music -- one brass band and one string band.

What? You don't know how to rembetika? You haven't kolo'd in your life? Don't worry. The hash smokers who invented some of this stuff probably didn't dance any better than you.

The hit Balkan dance band is here to brass you out! Yes, you've danced to them at the Kolo Festival. You probably know some of them from the Balkan Music & Dance Camp. Maybe not. Maybe you're just experiencing these guys for the first time. Well, IMMERSE YOURSELF in some incredible brass band music, unlike any you've heard (unless you hang out in Bulgaria). Website: http://www.huzzam.com/brass

The Disciples of Markos play Rebetika, the music of the hashish dens of 1930's Greek underworld. Rebetika was music of outsiders, gangster, dopeheads, whores and other shady characters who would hang out at the "tekes", the small music cafes where they could smoke the hookah, drink ouzo and forget their troubles. The Disciples take their name and inspiration from Markos Vamvakaris, the most famous singer, songwriter and the heaviest, most stoned-out bouzouki player of the thirties.Disciples of markos website: http://www.spectacularopticals.com/DOM1.html

To stay informed about more David Kaye shows, go to my website at: http://www.davidkaye.us -- Then you can laugh at all your friends who don't know where the cool shows are, but you do.

Added by davidkaye on November 6, 2005

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