485 Dean Street
Brooklyn, New York 11217

DAILYHEIGHTS.COM Invitational: Atlantic Yards Smackdown

Brooklyn's Toughest Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) Players Go Hand-to-Hand in the Footprint of Bruce Ratner's Proposed Megastadium

THE STAKES: A field of 32 ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS enthusiasts will compete in a single-elimination tournament for a First Place Cash Prize of $200 and automatic entry into one subsequent NYRPS event (winner's choice).

WHO CAN THROW? Anyone. The NYRPS welcomes neophytes and seasoned professionals. "Smackdown" is an honor-system seeded tournament based on self-reported skill levels (beginner, rookie, novice, advanced, expert, master).

Signups are limited to 32 competitors. Entry fee is $6. To guarantee entry, sign up online at the official website of the New York Rock Paper Scissors Association (http://www.nyrps.org).

Added by ampersand on May 6, 2005