200 Longcao Rd, #100 1F
Shanghai, Shanghai

演出推迟:老鬼复活 - 纪念《地下上海2000》
The Reminiscence of the Old Ones - 'Shanghai Underground 2000' remembered
演出时间:2006/11/25 19:00
演出地点:育音堂(龙漕路200弄100号, 64360072)
Yuyintang, Longcao Lu Lane 200 No 100
演出票价:30元 ; 会员25
Remembering the ground-breaking 2000 compilation demo of early Shanghai bands.

主持:孙孟晋 Organized by Sun Mengjing

演出顺序(暂定): Performing:

1:水晶蝶+刘海峰 Crystal Butterfly and Liu Haifeng (old members of Lunar Eclipse 1995-1998)
2:死亡诗社 Dead Poets' Society
3:扩音器 Amplifier
4:惊弓之鸟 Terrified Bird
5:两包软壳牡丹(顾磊和毛豆) Gu Lei and Mao Dou
6:布拉格之春 Prague Spring

Official Website: http://shanghaiarts.blog.com/1270050/

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惊弓之鸟 aka Bird on a Wire aka Terrified Bird!!!

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