488 Flat Shoals Ave SE
East Atlanta, Georgia 30316

A Battle of Hastily Assembled Bands

30 musicians, randomly grouped into 6 bands have one day to come up with a 20 minute set of music. Hilarity ensues.

Members of:
The Close, Young Antiques, Luigi, The Forty Fives, Magnapop, Silent Kids, Jupiter Watts, Day Mars Ray, Anna Kramer, Unicorns! the Musical, Humble Canon, The Long Knives, Ruvolo, Tag Team, Tiger Tiger, elevado, Divided Like a Saint's, The Roy Owens Jr., I Almost Saw God in the Metro, The Shut-Ups and many more...

The idea for this event originated in Denton, TX. You can read more about it here: www.rocklottery.com

Added by fletchmuy on December 13, 2004



That will be two nights in a row at the Earl for me. Perhaps I should just sleep in the back.