152 Orchard Street
New York, New York 10002

"If you toss the music of Zorn, Zappa and Ziggy Stardust into a
blender you might end up with the Plain hex Quartet. This manic
foursome plays wild and frenetic melodies, supported by a mixture of dreamlike tones and driving distortion. Klezmer, rock and the avante-garde join together in a true marriage of inconvenience."

-Little Australia (soul rock with horns) - 8pm
-Platz Machen (Judith Berkson) - 9pm
-The Plain hex Quartet (grunge/avante/Klezmer) - 10pm
-Edom (Jewish surf metal) - 11pm

The Annex - 152 Orchard Street, Lower East Side


Official Website: http://www.yoshiefruchter.com

Added by Lkoenig23 on April 11, 2007