150 Folsom
San Francisco, California 94105

Move over Judge Judy!!! Make room for some Spinal Tap-ishness! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL WEB TV SHOW!!! ONLY $5 admission!

Your presence is requested Saturday July 14th @ the Rock Court shooting set (possibly the last standing SOMA indie film werehouse). We are having a HO-DOWN in celebration of launching the show we have bled, sweat, and thrown steak knives over (well - Lynne has... and Wickie has been a suspect).

We'll be showing some webisodes, have live music by BITE (http://www.myspace.com/bitesf) and the TERRORHOOTS (http://www.myspace.com/terrorhoot) lined up w/more to come... (YOUR ACT if you're willing... contact us!), a bad ass food spread by Chef Boy-Ar-Blue, home baked sweets by Bailiff Elektra et femmes, a "heavy petting" lounge where you can meet our court mascot ALEISTER VON KITKATT or smooch it up with someone on the couches (like LYLE DE LYLE who will try to buy you a few too many drinks while moving in for the kill - beware!), and prizes will be rewarded for god knows what by JUDGE GALLOWS and BAILIFF ELEKTRA... So wear your best (and/or your stupidest) rock 'n roll ensemble.

PS: Feel free to bring food to share. Or just bring your damn upcoming show flyers and we'll lay those out too!!!

PPS: We might snag you to be on our show @ some point. You can say no, but why? Humiliation in the name of rock n roll. No one has turned down a request yet! (Well, except for the ladies who didn't want to testify as the call girl)

PPSS: WE DESPERATELY WANT A GOOD ROCK 'N ROLL DJ! Anyone have a great record collection and time to kill that night?

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/rockcourt

Added by lynnelektra on July 5, 2007

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