713 Dongdaming Rd, Hongkou District
Shanghai, Shanghai

Bands from Beijing and Shanghai. (16 total)
bands: Another Light, The Verse, Cold Fairyland, Xuanwu Men, Falling Velarium, Slit, Old Street, San-Huang-Ji, Loudspeaker, Sonnet, Mint, Mortal Fools and Siyou Xinren.
There's a lucky draw with two Epiphone ECS-10 and one Kramer 202 Gibson as gifts.
Address: 713 Dongdaming Rd.
Tickets: 50 yuan
Tel: 3501-3212
Time: 1-11pm

Added by ameliepunk on January 5, 2006



the pins are also playing at 5:15...


Schedule 四有新人/Si-You-Xin-Ren(brit-pop) 13:00?13:20
Mortal Fools (punk) 13:20?13:40
Heaven?s Door (r&b/funk) 13:40?14:00
翘翘板/Qiao-Qiao-Ban (brit pop) 14:00?14:30
Microphonic (brit-pop) 14:30?15:00
mint (funk) 15:00?15:30
14行诗/Sonnet (indie rock) 15:30?16:00
扩音器/Loudspeaker (punk) 16:00?16:30
First raffle drawing (Epiphone ECS-10) 16:30?16:40
三黄鸡/San-Huang-ji (folk rock) 16:40?17:15
老街/Old Street (metal) 17:15?17:50
Slit (new metal) 17:50?18:40
玄武门/Xuan-Wu-Men (classic melodic metal) 18:40?19:30
天幕落/ Falling Velarium (metal) 19:30?20:15
Second raffle drawing (Epiphone ECS-10) 20:15?20:25
冷酷仙境/Cold Fairyland (dark folk/world) 20:25?21:20
另一种光亮/Another Light (hard core) 21:20?22:00
Final raffle drawing (Kramer 202) 22:00?22:15
The Verse (funk rock from Beijing) 22:15?23:00

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